Jacques de Vos is an award winning underwater photographer and cameraman whose work has won numerous prestigious international UW photography awards. His photography has been published worldwide in several books and hundreds of publications and as a camera operator he has worked on projects for companies like the BBC, Epic TV and Red Bull and his footage has also been televised throughout the world.

Completely self-taught in the diverse oceans around Cape Town, Jacques’ favorite subject to shoot underwater is big marine life with a preference to shoot wide angle (subjects like sharks, whales, dolphins and freedivers) and in 2015 he hopes to fulfill a lifetime dream of getting up close and personal with his favorite animal, the Killer Whale as part of a research and conservation project.

In terms of equipment Jacques has changed cameras a few times since starting in 2007, but has been using Ikelite housings exclusively for all of them and has been a proud Ikelite Ambassador since 2012. What makes his work even more unique is that most of it is done while freediving (on a single breath). This is not unexpected as Jacques is also a Freediving Instructor Trainer with the world renowned Freedive International.