2012 Is proving to be a very important year for as I have yet again had success by placing fourth in Photographers Forum Magazine’s annual contest which was co sponsored by Sigma. The winning image was the ever popular ‘The Lady Of The Deep’. Over 12 000 photographs were submitted by photographers from the United States and Canada, as well as 60 other countries worldwide. What makes this even more unique

What a great way to kick off 2012, having won gold in the Wide Angle (unrestricted) category of the 2012 Our World Underwater Photography Competition with my black and white image ‘Lady Of the Deep’.   Lady Of the Deep -Gold winner 2012 Our World Underwater Photographic Competition    A complete list of winners can be viewed at: http://underwatercompetition.com/Competitions/our-world-underwater-2012   “The Our World Underwater international underwater photography and video competition

Hendrik Vermeulen Couturier recently revealed that the inspiration for a dress designed for South Africa’s Premier Helen Zille was a photo I took in 2009 of a sunrise over Simonstown.   Shot taken during 2009 over the popular dive site in Simonstown called ‘A-Frame’ The photo appeared in my Flickr photostream and Henrik Vermeulen being a Simonstown local thought it the perfect colour scheme for the design.   The fabrics:

Since posting the monochrome shot of Linda Paganelli Freediving Ras Mohammed I’ve had countless requests to post the original shot (in colour)…   The shot was 100% un-cropped and even has some hidden details like a Blue Spotted Sting Ray at the bottom left of the shot (a resident of this cave), being able to clearly read the branding on Linda’s suit and fins as well as great detail in

Apparently last year 16000 entries from 130 countries were received for the annual National Geographic Photo Contest… Given these numbers, seeing the quality of images of participants who have already submitted their entries and taking the 15 USD entry fee per submission into account makes even the best of photographers ask themselves: ‘Should I even bother?’ If you can see past the odds of actually winning and find pleasure in

These last few months have been hectic with running freedive courses, training, video editing and competitions but I’ve had some time the last few days to start  going through the multitude of freedive photography shots I’ve taken the last few months here in Dahab, Egypt. Will be posting mostly freediving shots over the next few days and might mix it with a few ‘surface’ shots of Dahab as well:) Thanks for

Im not a video editing expert by any means and use Premiere Pro to edited clips for our Freediving companys Youtube channel. Recently I ran into an annoying phenomenon where when applying the ‘Shadows and Highlights’ effect to several clips in a video the exported clip flickers (strobes, flashes, call it what you will) uncontrollably. First reaction was to google the solution and it became apparent that this is a

I’ve been using Flickr.com now for nearly two years and it was a great source of information as well as inspiration. The support from other members was also invaluable and I’ve learned much from studying other photographers discussions, photos and comments. Last night I launched this site (partially) and as a semi-farewell to Flickr posted a photo I took in Dahab Egypt of Linda Paganelli while we were diving at

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