Hendrik Vermeulen Couturier recently revealed that the inspiration for a dress designed for South Africa’s Premier Helen Zille was a photo I took in 2009 of a sunrise over Simonstown.


Shot taken during 2009 over the popular dive site in Simonstown called ‘A-Frame’

The photo appeared in my Flickr photostream and Henrik Vermeulen being a Simonstown local thought it the perfect colour scheme for the design.


The fabrics: 100% Hand dyed Silk Satin (lining) and 100% Silk Chiffon Ombre


The dress was worn by Premier Helen Zille at the 2012 Opening Of National Parliament on the 9th of February and enjoyed a great response from those attending as well as from the media. It was truly a great compliment and honour to play a small part in the inspiration for such a well executed piece of work by the well respected Hendrik Vermeulen Couturier and I sincerely thank him for this  compliment and support.


The end result… Premier Helen Zille with Hendrik Vermeulen and Jean-Daniel Meyer— at Leewenhof.

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