For those of you looking at the images in the Freediving section of this site and wishing you could hold your breath to explore beautiful reefs or simply dive deep…

Its easier than you thought:)

I am currently in Cape Town, South Africa and will be hosting Freedive courses on a fulltime basis for all those interested through my company Freedive Cape Town – part of Freedive International (for those abroad who are interested as well).

Freedive Cape Town is a freediving training centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide official AIDA and SSI freediving courses at all levels, offer specialised courses, organise training sessions, supply freediving equipment and arrange training facilities for our members. We also arrange freediving events and competitions in order to promote the growth of freediving as a recognised sport in Southern Africa.

What is freediving?

The term ‘freediving’ encompasses a range of water activities where a person holds his or her breath while under water. ‘Freediving’ is therefore often used to describe activities like spearfishing and snorkeling. When used to describe the official sport of freediving, it refers to divers training to stay under water for longer, swim further, dive deeper and do all of this on one breath of air. Freediving as a sport can therefore be used to enhance and improve other breath-hold activities like spearfishing and snorkeling.

Getting started

If you are interested in exploring the incredible sport of freediving for the first time simply contact us for more information on up-coming courses. You do not need to be a professional swimmer, certified scuba diver or spearfishing veteran in order to enjoy this peaceful and relaxing sport. All that is required is that you be in good health and know how to swim.

If you already have experience in freediving or and wish to improve your abilities through training, feel free to contact us and enquire about our training sessions.