The second issue of the brand new Freediving Magazine is out and features a variety of articles from several professional freedivers on a wide range of topics.

Freediving MagazineIssue 2 of the new Freediving Magazine


This issue also includes a great article on equalisation for freediving by record Italian Freediver, Linda Paganelli of Freedive Dahab discussing several challenges and offering some advice on better equalisation as well. The article also features my images, both underwater freediving photos and some class based equalisation training photos.


FreediveMagazine_Issue229 FreediveMagazine_Issue230
FreediveMagazine_Issue217Linda Paganelli featured in the ‘Pros Advice’ section of Freediving Magazine. Photo: Jacques de Vos


Freedive Dahab is part of the larger Blue Immersion Freediving with branches in Thailand and Egypt. For more information on Freediving courses, Mouthfill / Advance Equalisation Courses and any other Freedive related training be sure to contact them trough their website.

Blue ImmersionPhoto: Jacques de Vos